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 Internal Dialogue insights

AnneMarie has been a hypnotherapist for over 19 years, working specifically in the area of anxiety and the internal dialogue that we have.

Our internal dialogue we have in our heads is very powerful and can affect the way that we live our lives.  Getting to grips with our thoughts at a young age and changing the beliefs/perceptions/opinions can lead to a more in tune child/teenager/adult.  Many neuro-diverse children can feel different from others, when in fact they need to be able to celebrate the fact that they are able to think in a different way - we need to celebrate diversity.

Worrisome thoughts can affect our stomachs, which produce our neuro-transmitters.  Being overwhelmed in these thoughts will make it hard to process incoming information - leading to learning difficulties.

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'Children can find it very difficult to express their feelings - now with the use of Muscle testing and Flower Remedies - I can determine what is going on from within and help to create balance.'

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