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Mind/Body MOT

You give your car a regular service - why not your mind and body?  

In our fast-paced and demanding world, maintaining a healthy balance between our mind and body has become increasingly challenging. The interplay between various elements such as neuro-lymphatics, nutrition, emotions, meridians, and chakras has a profound impact on our overall well-being. Understanding this intricate connection, a groundbreaking approach called the Mind/Body MOT has emerged, offering a holistic solution to de-stress the body and mind while fostering a better balance.

"This was just the most amazing experience.  I was blown away by the way AnneMarie worked on de-stressing my mind and body and really pin-pointing where I held toxicity in my body and what nutrients were most beneficial for me."

Mary 2023

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Nutrition/Gut balance





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The Mind/Body MOT acknowledges the importance of neuro-lymphatics, which are vital points throughout the body that facilitate the movement of lymphatic fluid. By focusing on these points, practitioners aim to stimulate lymphatic flow, which can enhance detoxification, boost the immune system, and alleviate stress.


A balanced diet supports cellular function, improves energy levels, and helps regulate emotions, contributing to an overall sense of harmony.

BUT what if your core digestive systems weren't working properly? 

We make sure that your 3 main systems are functioning well:

Core drainage

Core gut

Core neuroendocrine system

Dysfunction or imbalances in certain digestive valves can lead to issues such as acid reflux, poor nutrient absorption, and digestive discomfort. Therefore, maintaining the health and proper functioning of these valves is essential for optimal nutrient absorption and overall digestive wellness.

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Emotions play a significant role in our overall health, and the Mind/Body MOT recognises the importance of addressing emotional well-being. Through various techniques, practitioners can effectively manage stress, promote relaxation, and cultivate emotional balance.

Head Massage


Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are energy pathways throughout the body that influence the flow of Qi (life force energy). The Mind/Body MOT employs meridian-based practices to restore the smooth flow of energy, resulting in improved physical and mental vitality.

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 The Mind/Body MOT embraces the concept of chakras, which are energy centres located along the spine. These energy vortexes are associated with different aspects of our physical and emotional well-being. By harmonising and balancing the chakras practitioners can enhance overall balance and well-being.

Please Note: These are not medical interventions and we are not medically trained.

Our experience shows that our clients have experienced improvements in social, emotional, behavioural or academic performance following our therapies. However we do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, medical condition or any other physical or mental disorder and always recommend that clients consult their medical practitioners as appropriate and do their own research before commencing any of our therapies.

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