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Auditory programme

Is your child/teenager finding it hard to concentrate in class and easily distracted?  Maybe they find certain situations e.g. large gatherings, challenging.  Then it is time to look at how they are hearing. 

If children/teenagers have difficulties in being able to easily process what they hear, it can affect their social, emotional, behavioural and/or academic performance.  This may lead to symptoms of dyslexia and slow processing.
"Everything happens as if human behaviour were largely conditioned by the manner in which one hears"

Dr Guy Bérard

Auditory Integration Training

"The Berard method of Auditory Integration Training (AIT) helps reorganize the brain’s processing capabilities. The specially designed stimulation of Berard AIT provides intensity, repetition, and duration. This is the criteria for neuroplasticity to develop new neural pathways. Berard AIT can improve connectivity in the processing system so the brain and body can function in a well-integrated manner without becoming overloaded with disorganized information."

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Lara's mother

"I am staggered at the immediate improvement in my daughter’s concentration and focus - thank you."

Please Note: These are not medical interventions and we are not medically trained.

Our experience shows that our clients have experienced improvements in social, emotional, behavioural or academic performance following our therapies. However we do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, medical condition or any other physical or mental disorder and always recommend that clients consult their medical practitioners as appropriate and do their own research before commencing any of our therapies.

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