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Prices/Terms & Conditions

Prices as of March 2024

Hypnotherapy sessions (1 hour)                                                                       £85


Mind/Body MOT (1 hour)                                                                             £85


Learning and Developmental Consultation:                                                          £95

  • Initial consultation (by phone/zoom or in Clinic)(1hr)                                         


Full Learning and Developmental Assessment:                                                     £440

  • Initial Audiogram 

  • Nutrition/Toxicity overview

  • Full Neurodevelopmental Assessment

(2 hrs) with written report and subsequent report reading


From the above assessments we may advise the following programmes:


REMOTE AUDITORY PROGRAMME                                                                  £800

10-DAY FULLY CUSTOMISED AUDITORY TRAINING::                                                     

  • 20 x listening sessions (30 mins each, twice a day)

  • Inclusive of midway and final audiograms.

  • This programme is usually done at home but if required it can be done in Clinic at an extra cost.



3 MONTH PROGRAMME including ongoing reviews throughout the year

(adaptable depending on child):                                                                       £1,500

  • In clinic reviews as required also involving Nutritional and Mindset work 

  • Provision of customised video feed guidance on a weekly basis of neurodevelopmental exercises to be performed

  • Final Neuromotor Assessment (1 hr)

  • Follow up written report and report reading


COMPLETE ONLINE PROGRAMME AVAILABLE GLOBALLY                                      £565


INTENSIVE IN CLINIC PROGRAMME -                                                              £2,500

Intensive one to one with a clinician over two weeks.  The sessions are done twice a day, each session is 30/40 mins long.

Then further assessments/reviews over the following year dependant on the need of the individual.

We are now able to offer a total remote programme for anyone who is unable to travel to us - please do enquire if you wish to know more and we can see if you are a good fit for it.


Discounts:  A 10% discount is offered for other family members (this discount is not applicable to assessments and additional treatments.) 

Payment terms: Assessments to be paid immediately following an appointment. For all programmes, 50% deposit is required on confirming schedule, rest of payment is required one week before commencement of programme.. 

Cancellation policy:   Apart from the programmes we require a minimum of 24 hours notice during working days, or the appointment fee will still be charged.


For the Intensive Neuro-developmental programme, we require a minimum of 14 working days notice to cancel. This is due to clinician time required, otherwise 50% of the programme cost is forfeited. 

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