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Gut insights

The gut plays an incredibly important part in how we live our lives.  It is where the majority of our neuro-transmitters are made.  A disruption in the biochemistry of the gut can lead to many 'symptoms' such as anxiety, neuro-diverse indicators, hyperactivity, anger, difficulty in retaining information etc.  A well-balanced diet is necessary but equally we are all different and some naturally 'good foods' can cause disruption in certain people.

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Nutrition for children
Nutrition for ADHD
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Apart from the foods that we eat, the other factors that can create ADHD/Autistic symptoms tend to be:

  • Difficulty digesting gluten and casein

  • Poor overall digestion leading to nutrient deficiencies

  • A lower ability of the body to get rid of certain toxins

  • Some foods which can be toxic to certain people

  • Low levels of certain enzymes

  • High levels of oxalates

  • Low iron and zinc levels

  • Methylation issues

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We need to look after our Microbiome.

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