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AnneMarie Smellie

Founder of Quester Therapies
AnneMarie Smellie

AnneMarie is a qualified Curative Hypnotherapist, Bérard Auditory Practitioner and Neuro-developmental practitioner. She has studied Epigenetics and Neurological Disorders, has a Diploma in Advanced Homeopathy and is trained in Kinesiology techniques.

AnneMarie is a member of the Developmental Practitioner's Association and Kinesiology Association.  She has worked with many children and adults over the years who had learning, emotional and/or
behavioural difficulties. 

AnneMarie was a senior clinician at The Key Clinic and was one of the founders of The Neuro Balance Centre in Somerset.

AnneMarie has over 20+ years of clinical experience, specialising in anxiety issues. She has always been interested in the Mind/Body connection, understanding that each needs to support the other.  She has discovered the many uses of Flower Essences which can be very powerful in tackling emotions, especially for children.  She also has diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology and Diet and Nutrition and is a qualified Polarity Reflex Analysis Nutrition Assessment (PRANA) provider.  

AnneMarie started Quester Therapies to provide direct help to all those who have learning and emotional issues and who may find it difficult to access the help that they need.  

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