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Online primitive reflex course

Online Programmes

We are now able to supply online programmes for Primitive Reflexes and Auditory Training. 


Wherever in the world you may live, help is at hand for your child/teenager or yourself.


Just get in touch and we can see if these programmes will suit your child/yourself.  We can give details of the costs and answer any questions you may have.

Online Primitive Reflex Training

 This training includes:

* Information on primitive reflexes

* Videos of exercises to stimulate and integrate the primitive reflexes

* Different schedules to suit your child/yourself

* Even though this is an online course - help is at hand if you have any difficulties.

This Course can address the following:

  • Reading difficulties

  • Writing difficulties

  • Anxiety/Mood swings

  • Balance/Coordination

  • Ability to get ideas down onto paper

  • Dyslexic symptoms

  • Dyspraxic symptoms

  • ADHD symptoms

  • Autism symptoms

Online course for primitive reflexes

Online Auditory Training

This is a 10 day programme that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

  • Works on distortions in the auditory profile

  • Works on dyslaterality in the auditory profile

  • Helps with hypersensitive hearing

  • Helps with sensory processing

  • Helps with vestibular problems

  • Helps to regulate emotions

  • Helps to stimulate the neural pathways

  • Helps with focus and concentration

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